Wat begon als een spontaan idee werd al snel serious business.In 2007 lanceerde 10 Days haar eerste collectie bestaande uit 15 styles in 3 kleuren.Dit idee groeide uit tot een geliefd en veelzijdig feel good merk met een eigenzinnig karakter, altijd one step ahead. Het merk is inherent geworden aan een allround lifestyle. 10 Days is meer dan een modewerk. 10 days is een gevoel. Een gevoel waar steeds meer mensen blij van worden. Voor 10 Days luidt het credo dat schoonheid van binnen zit, die alleen onderstreept hoeft te worden met basis kleding die puur is. Dat is wat 10 Days benadrukt met haar collecties. 10 Days richt zich niet op een bepaalde doelgroep, maar spreekt een specifieke mindset aan; feel good, spiritualiteit en sportiviteit. Een gevoel en lifestyle dat door jong en oud omarmd wordt. No limits. 10 Days loves to make you shine!




My name is Alix. I am all about no nonsense and luxury basics – but always with a dash of sassy and bold. For the chick with rock and roll DNA and a sense of chic, ready to kick some butt. You could pinpoint my brand as a selection of quality garments with just the right amount of je ne sais quoi. I am the type to wake up on a Sunday and pair my leopard dress with some clean white sneakers. While tomorrow night I might be on the roll with a pair of sky high heels and a fitted blazer. Easy to wear or dressed up, whatever tickles my fancy.





Bianco Jeans was established on 2001 with the intention of filling a void that was increasing the denim market. The inspiration was to create a fit that was both flattering and comfortable to wear all day long. Bianco Jeans head office is located in Israel, and in 2007 a partnership was formed in order to set up a factory in Zhongshan, China. Bianco Jeans's factory in China where which produces their garments has a team of professionals who control the entire production process. This team was put together with individuals that have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of denim garments and trousers designs. As well as this we work with specialized wash factories in the city. 





Established in 2009, Gustav is a Danish-based international fashion brand catering to women who feel at home in the world. Gustav is complex sophisticated fashion, with attention to every detail and a love of design, craftsmanship and fit. Seeking out the uniqueness that results when differences in materials, designs and colours meet, each style is causal feminine at heart. Gustav is a jewel for every woman who wants to sparkle.




Ready to kick some lovely butts....

When you combine eclectic styles, “fashion fabrics” and surprising designs the result is the breathtaking new Dutch lingerie brand Love Stories.

It's a Love Story.

LoveStories is the brainchild of multi-talented Marloes Hoedeman, who is first and foremost a fashion and interior stylist. Hoedeman began her brand in the hopes of creating beautiful underwear for herself. A combination of high quality products blended with an affordable price. Her biggest inspirations, which guide her creative process, are exploring and travelling the world, filmography and literature. With Love Stories she appeals to women who are looking for comfortable lingerie that can be styled and worn with ease, diminishing the time-consuming complications of trying hundreds of styles on in pursuit of discovering the perfect garment. Love Stories will be sold in shops alongside other fashion brands where clientele can also purchase a skirt or a new jumper, creating and completing an entire outfit. As a result, underwear enhances and extends the rest of your wardrobe. “Underwear becomes outerwear” at Love Stories, where striking pieces can also be seen and shown off along with the rest of your outfit.


Met onze liefde voor mode hebben wij onze gemeenschappelijke droom werkelijkheid gemaakt. In 2017 zijn wij begonnen met het creëren van ons eigen label Les Favorites.

Een merk dat staat voor vrouwelijkheid, schoonheid, puur, no nonsens, & comfortabel. Met in ons achterhoofd dat een Les Favorites voor veel vrouwen draagbaar moet zijn.




Makes you happy! Lets you shine! Gives you a boost! Completes you! Every moment  you think about it! You are crazy to have it! Can’t resist another! Actually we sometimes think we can’t live without it!

Are we still talking about shoes or chocolate?

Ahh, whatever… both are great!! Shoecolate shoes are especially great, because they are made for you! Young, refreshing, tasty and always made with a touch of love.

Shoecolate is a Dutch fashion brand, dedicated to style and inspired by what we see and find around us. We travel around the world to search for unique materials, new color combinations, trends, inspiring people and the best spots. We are up-to-date, fun and  crazy for fashion! When you fall in love with our brand, we try to keep shoecolate in your heart forever.

Not only our fantastic designers decide how our shoes will look like. With a whole team of professionals and a close contact with our followers and trendy youngsters we make the shoes, just how you want them to be.



STUDIO® is fashion for the confident woman, who is inspired by trends from all over the world. STUDIO® launch every year 6 new collection, which makes it possible to find the right sets of clothes for a night out, at work, or at home. STUDIO® combine raw details, with a femininity, which gives a romantic twist.


The Soulmate brand is about feeling fulfilled and sensing the inspiration blossom.

Let the Soulmate creations inspire your feminine touch into the sense of independence and feel good. 

Soulmate has created a "Young Collection" for the mature woman with the privilege to express and explore your personal style, casual with a feminine look yet without compromising.

Feel free, and let the Soulmate garment underline you and your individuality. 

Our deliveries are provided just-in-time to perfectly match and cover each season.​